The Night Movers Series Books 1 to 4 by Helen Bright

✫.•° My Love Forever; The Night Movers #1 °•.✫

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Alex knew Julia was meant to be his when he saw her fourteen years ago with her father at a party thrown by his company Night Movers.

She was a young innocent eighteen year old and off to university shortly, so he decided to let her live a little before he made her his. After all he was a nine hundred and fifty year old vampire living and working in his company, alongside the humans he employed in modern day Yorkshire. He had waited this long to find love so he could wait a little longer.

Not quite a year later Julia is engaged and later married.

Alex thought his chance at love with Julia was gone.

Fourteen years on and a terrible accident leaves Julia with a devastating tragedy that no parent should have to go through, and her marriage breaks down.

Julia then finds herself back home in Yorkshire and applying for a Job with Night Movers.

Will Alex convince Julia to be his after all she has been through? And can she accept the fact that he is a born immortal vampire?

Gina has sacrificed her happiness to stay in a loveless marriage for the sake of her family for many years. But now they are grown and she’s still unhappy but won’t leave because she feels like a failure.

Nik, a vampire and co-owner of night movers is in love with Gina, but she lacks confidence in herself and can never accept that someone like Nik could love her.

Will Nik convince her that she’s all he needs?

This new paranormal romance takes you to the village of Barrowfield where the Night Movers transport company, owned by three vampires is based.

Sadness, humour, friendship, love and sex, makes this series a must read for fans who like their paranormal romance with extra bite.

***Due to adult content this book should only be read by persons aged 18 or over. ***

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✫.•° My Review °•.✫

My Love Forever is Alex & Julia’s story. Alex is a centuries-old vampire, Julia is the human daughter of one of Alex’s employees. Alex first saw Julia when she was 14 years old. He hadn’t realised how much she had grown & changed until seeing her at the Christmas party with her father, where she was 18 years old & about to head off to university. Alex has one dance with Julia then leaves the party due to the feelings that dancing with her caused & knowing that she is too young to bring into his world.

Julia leaves for university & announces a year later that she is engaged. 14 years pass & Alex has been sneakily watching from time to time. Then something happens & Julia’s world is turned upside down. Her father turns to the one person he knows can help her… Alex.

Now that their paths have crossed again will Julia finally learn the truth about Alex & his family? Will she accept it?

This is Helen’s debut novel & I think that it’s a really good start. I loved that it is set in the UK in places that I know of. My Love Forever has set the scene for this series well. It has enough background information that you don’t become lost or confused & you could feel as though you know the area it’s set in even if you don’t.

The characters are easy to relate to, their emotions are so real & convincing. Alex & Julia are the main two but there’s also Nik, Josh, Gina & Freya to name just a few. They all play key parts & add more to the story. Each chapter clearly states whose POV we are reading as it does change throughout, but it’s never confusing.

The book has some delicate issues as a result of certain events & I believe that Helen handles these with the appropriate level of care & sensitivity, only mentioning them in as much detail as is necessary. Helen writing style works well too. She describes things clearly & in such a way that it is easy to picture where the characters are as well as what they are doing. The story has a smooth even pace that pulls you in & takes you along for the ride.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading book 1 of this series & I can not wait to continue with book 2 to see where Helen goes next. I’m just lucky that I already have books 2 & 3 to continue with. Overall I think this is a promising start to both the series & this author’s writing career. If you like paranormal romance & you haven’t yet read My Love Forever I’d suggest grabbing a copy & meeting Alex & Julia for yourself. You never know you to might find yourself hooked on these vamps too! 🙂


✫.•° Blood & Secrets; The Night Movers #2 °•.✫

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Keeley Saunders has finally got her life together, and the future looks rosy for the lonely single parent for a change. She has a new job as P.A to the Russian billionaire vampire Gregor Antonov, her daughter Daisy is about to start full time school, her dad is finally getting help with his alcohol addiction, and she’s found love with the man/vampire of her dreams.

But people are keeping secrets which is rarely a good thing.

Just when things couldn’t get any better for Keeley she is the victim of a brutal attack that changes her life forever.

Will Keeley ever get a chance at real happiness again? And are all secrets bad?

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✫.•° My Review °•.✫

This is the second book in the Night Movers Series by Helen Bright & as much as I’ve seen reviews saying this can be read as a standalone personally l disagree. I think you need to have read book 1 first because certain events in this book continue from book 1 as do the characters.

The focus this time is predominately on Keeley & Josh, although Freya & Daniel sneak in later in the book. Keeley has worked for Night Movers for a while but for the past 5 months, she has been Gregor’s PA. Keeley knows about the owner’s of Night Movers being vampires as is Gregor, it doesn’t bother her, she enjoys her work & see’s them as her friends too.

Josh had taken Keeley & her daughter back home to her fathers’ house, only to find her father drunk. With a little help from Josh, Keeley’s dad agrees to get help from the doctor. Josh, Keeley & Daisy head back to Josh’s place.

Over the course of time things between Josh & Keeley change. Can they both accept the changes & the secrets that are uncovered?

Again I found Blood & Secrets to be captivating. I was pulled headfirst back into the world of The Night Movers Vampires, I was there alongside each & every one of them vampire or human. It was good to see that Keeley, Daisy & Josh were eventually getting some happiness & good luck.

Helen has written another compelling story that will wrap its fingers around your heart & mind. The character’s that we already know (from book 1) are even more loveable; they show more progression as they demonstrate different aspects of their individual personalities & more emotion. The new character’s that we are introduced to soon earn their place in your heart along with everyone else & they integrate into the group without too many issues but in a way that is believable.

The writing has continued to be descriptive & informative but in such a way that you can’t help but keep reading to find out more. The pace is good & flows naturally, it captures your attention & holds it throughout. I found it easy to follow & was surprised by the twists that Helen has included.

To me, this was a great addition to a series that has started with such promise. I for one am really looking forward to reading book 3.


✫.•° Gregor’s Reason; The Night Movers #3 °•.✫

✫.•° Blurb °•.✫

Chloe has spent years recovering from the traumas in her life. Finally feeling stronger, she meets a man who makes her question everything.

Gregor is a vampire, billionaire businessman, and a Dom. His fascination with Chloe has him questioning everything he thought he knew, and his once famous control seems almost none existent in her presence.

When fear and betrayal intervene, Gregor takes what he feels belongs to him.

Will Gregor be able to convince Chloe that bonding with him is exactly what she needs?

Can Chloe forgive Gregor and take a chance on the vampire who has stolen her heart?

Set in the sleepy Yorkshire town of Rothley and both Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia, will the miles she travels help Chloe rebuild her trust?

Or will they both end up broken in the end?

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✫.•° My Review °•.✫

That’s book 3 done already. I can’t believe how fast I’m reading these. I think I need to slow down else I’m going to run out of these vampires & their stories.

This one is a little more self-explanatory, as in who our main character is. Yep, you guessed it, it’s Gregor; the mighty Russian vampire. We already know quite a bit about Gregor from the previous book but now the focus is firmly on him. I have to admit I kinda expected Gregor to end up with Freya, but no I was wrong.

As we expect the usual characters are present as & when needed, again we are also introduced to new ones too; for instance Chloe. Chloe has endured an unpleasant past & now she has drawn a line under it & is moving on with her life. And then she meets the mysterious Gregor.

These two are an unlikely pair. Want to know if they work? Guess you’ll need to grab yourself a copy to find out.

In true Helen fashion, we are launched back into this world of vampires & humans. Boundaries & friendships will be pushed & tested maybe to their limits.

Gregor is a strong character, quite dominating. He’s not afraid to seek what he wants or to say what he wants. Chloe, on the other hand, seems fairly reserved & shy. But she’s also curious about Gregor & her feelings. Through their actions, the characters show that they have real feelings, thoughts & emotions. That makes them even more endearing to the reader, you can’t help but allow them into your heart.

The events that take place & the issues the characters face are so realistic, it is easy to see that everyday people would deal with these same issues (not vampirism so much), it is because of this that these characters feel so realistic.

Helen has yet again demonstrated that she is capable of giving enough details to keep your interest but that create a trail of crumbs that you have to follow, that makes you turn the page to find out more. I know after I started Gregor’s Reason I didn’t want to stop. The pace & flow fit the overall story well. The reader’s interest is caught at the start & held until the end.

Gregor’s Reason is full of love, lust, passion, romance & also has a good amount of humour in it too. There are some real laugh out loud moments, which were very fitting.

For me, this was another fantastic addition to this series & I’m thoroughly looking forward to book 4.


✫.•° Sergei’s Angel; The Night Movers #4 °•.✫

✫.•° Blurb °•.✫

Holly Fraser has known nothing but loss in her short life and now finds herself the lone carer of her younger brother. With financial difficulties piling high she accepts a job from the mysterious, yet devastatingly attractive, Sergei Petrov.

Sergei is a born immortal vampire who is often misunderstood, mostly due to his happy-go-lucky nature and ability to create chaos from good intentions.

Recent events have left him disheartened, yet a chance meeting at a funeral (of all places) fills Sergei with hope that a happy future may await him after all.

But withholding the truth rarely ends well and a shock revelation could destroy everything.

Does Holly have the resilience she needs to be Sergei’s Angel? Or are neither destined to find their Heaven?

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✫.•° My Review °•.✫

Book 4 in this series is all about Sergei. Sergei has been a part of this series from the very beginning he’s always been in the background, but now we finally meet the real Sergei. We join him in his chance of love & happiness, we can now get to understand just what makes him tick.

Sergei is at a funeral of an ex-Night Movers employee when the granddaughter of the deceased catches his eye; her name Holly. Holly lives with her younger brother Matty. Their gran was the one looking after them, but now she’s gone it falls to Holly. Holly knows that this won’t be easy especially as she has no job, her gran’s insurance has covered the funeral but other than that they are running out of money & the heating is broken & until Holly finds a job she cannot afford to get it fixed.

After the funeral there is a funeral tea at the local community hall, this is where Sergei witnesses how bad things must be for Holly. Sergei is stood with Maggie; a Night Movers employee; when Holly comes over & asks Maggie if Night Movers have any daytime job vacancies when Maggie says no Sergei has an idea. He offers Holly a position as his PA, she gladly accepts. After a brief discussion, they arrange to meet again & Holly hugs Sergei, now Sergei shows for sure that he wants Holly.

Will Sergei and Holly be more than colleagues? What will Holly think when she learns that Sergei is a born immortal?

Sergei is an amazing character, he has been since we first met him. He is loyal, loving, reliable & funny. Once he meets Holly he shows that he also has a softer side which is why he fears telling Holly that he is a born immortal. After seeing Sergei in the first 3 books this nervousness & uncertainty seemed a little uncharacteristic for him but it was a needed development in his personality, it also made him more real too.

Holly is a strong young woman, she’s not afraid to do what is needed in order to try & provide for both Matty & herself, although Matty seems to come first to her. At first, she seems unsure about Sergei’s actions & affections but as time goes by they grow closer, she knows that Matty enjoys being around Sergei & that Sergei adores Matty.

The plot moves at a great pace, never becoming boring. The descriptions given are written well & really help to draw you further into this world of humans & immortals, making you feel every bit a part the scenes & events. The characters interact well together & they display many levels of realism, their personalities have gotten stronger & become clearer throughout. Each of them has a place in my heart & they will be missed.

I have loved reading every page of Sergei’s Angel, it has been a joy to have been a part of Sergei’s world, to have felt & witnessed all of his nervousness, happiness & humour in his story. For me, this book deserves a rating of

That’s it I’ve finally come to the end of this fantastic series. *stares at Helen* I am looking forward to seeing what Helen does next & I’ll be (im)patiently waiting & stalking her! 😉

If you enjoy reading romance books I’d definitely recommend giving The Night Movers Series a read.

✫.•° About Helen °•.✫

Helen Bright is forty-something, married, mum of two grown-up daughters, and has two grandchildren that are the light of her life.

She lives in a South Yorkshire village and enjoys walking her two dogs, writing, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.

Helen bases her paranormal romance series in and around Yorkshire. The Night Movers Vampires live and work with the humans they employ in modern day Yorkshire, and Helen creates scenes that show the “normal” in paranormal.

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