1. The Freedom Diamond by Tracie Podger
  2. Even At Your Darkest by A.J. Love
  3. Deviant Attraction by Jennifer Bene
  4. A Princess’s Duty by Sloane Murphy
  5. Dancing in the Rain by Caroline Easton
  6. Blood Moon Rising; The Hunter Chronicles Book #6 By Claire Marta
  7. Syren’s Pride by Jennah Thornhill
  8. Finding My Fight by R.G. Corr
  9. The Truth About Awful Arnold by Gracie Owens
  10. A King’s Oath by Sloane Murphy
  11. Fallen Angel Part 6 by Tracie Podger
  12. Finding Melodie by Laura Rossi
  13. My Forever by Elena Matthews
  14. From Ashes & Embers; Ceasefire book 3 by Claire Marta
  15. Tag by AJ Everheart
  16. Declan (Wounded Heroes 1) by Ava Manello
  17. For One Night by Leaona Lux
  18. The Facilitator by Tracie Podger
  19. The Facilitator Part 2 by Tracie Podger
  20. Letters To Lincoln by Tracie Podger
  21. E.V.I.E. 13 Slayers – 13 Missions
  22. A Hellion Heart; Ceasefire Book 4 by Claire Marta
  23. The Dove & the Darkness; Ceasefire series book 5
  24. Sandman; Ceasefire Series Book 6 by Claire Marta
  25. Sam: Guarded Hearts Book 6 by Claire Marta and Nia Farrell
  26. Ash: Guarded Hearts Book 7 by Claire Marta & Nia Farrell
  27. The Facilitator, Part 3 by Tracie Podger
  28. Rory; Guarded Hearts Book 8 by Claire Marta and Nia Farrell