1. Tommy’s Girl Parts 1 & 2 by Laura Morgan
  2. Attic Of The Mind by Hemmie Martin
  3. In The Light Of Madness by Hemmie Martin
  4. Fallen Angel Series 1-4 & Robert by Tracie Podger
  5. Ceasefire Series 1 & 2 by Claire Marta
  6. Night Movers Series 1-4 by Helen Bright
  7. Bermuda Jones Case Files 0-2 by Robert Enright
  8. Improper Love by SK Clarke & RJ Truman
  9. Skins and Scars by Laura Rossi
  10. A Girl Like Lilac by Victoria L. James
  11. Unleashing Demons by C.J. Laurence
  12. Jersey Girl by J.A. Heron
  13. The Night Shift by Robert Enright
  14. The Immortal Chronicles Books 1-4 by Sloane Murphy
  15. Vampire Hearts, Bathory Academy Book 1 by Katie M. John
  16. Date Night by J.F. Holland
  17. Returned, Pendle Hill Series Book 1 by Keeley Holmes
  18. A Princess’s Duty, Of Fire and Frost Series by Sloane Murphy
  19. Finding My Fight by R.G. Corr
  20. The Twelve by D.E. McCluskey
  21. Blood Moon Rising, The Hunter Chronicles Book 6 by Claire Marta
  22. Finding Melodie by Laura Rossi
  23. The Last Myon by Rudi Jennings
  24. My Forever by Elena Matthews
  25. Unsilent Grief by Tony Millington
  26. This Ain’t Love by AJ Love
  27. Dirty Secret by Elizabeth Lynx
  28. The Takers by Robert Enright
  29. Cabin Fever by Elizabeth Lynx
  30. The Mark by Lee Mountford
  31. The Haunting Of Alice May by Tony Lee Moral
  32. Ashes To Embers by Claire Marta
  33. Bonds by Marie Anne Cope
  34. Destination Redemption by Toya Richardson
  35. Asylum 1 by Sian B Claven
  36. Blood Slave: The Beginning by Eden Wildblood
  37. Blood Slave: Round 2 by Eden Wildblood
  38. Blood Slave: Made Of Scars by Eden Wildblood
  39. The Divine Pumpkin by Hemmie Martin
  40. Limp Dicks And Saggy Tits by Tracie Podger
  41. Buried by Sian B. Claven
  42. Morgan by Claire Marta & Nia Farrell
  43. Filomena: A Scars Novella by Laura Rossi
  44. Forever and a Night by Lana Campbell
  45. Crux by Laura Rossi
  46. The Right Reason by Robert Enright
  47. 31 Overlook Hotel by 31 Authors
  48. It Ain’t Me Babe by Tillie Cole
  49. The Crying Boy by Jane E. James
  50. Dark Ride by Iain Rob Wright
  51. Black Canvas by Laura Rossi
  52. Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig
  53. CEO January: Jake Winters by Tracie Podger
  54. CEO February: Brax Danvers by Tracie Podger
  55. Strip Down by Ava Manello
  56. Obsidian Songbird; Ceasefire Book 8 by Claire Marta