Dancing In The Rain by Caroline Easton

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Dancing in the Rain

Author: Caroline Easton

Cover Designer:  JC Clarke @ The Graphics Shed

✫.•° Blurb °•.✫

To the outside world Jane had the perfect life – she had married her high school sweetheart and had a beautiful baby girl who her husband adored, but Dave had a dark side, a side no one but her saw.

Toby saw the signs, he had seen them before – the long sleeves, the high necked tops; the apparent clumsiness. After watching his mother suffer years of abuse at the hands of his father he isn’t about to watch his best friend go through the same thing. He wants to help her, provide her with the strength she needs to see a new and brighter future.

One thing is for sure, Jane needs to live, not only for her daughter, but for herself. She desperately needs to find the strength to begin a new life with a new future, a bright future where she and her daughter can finally be free.

Can Toby help Jane learn to live again? Can she ever truly let go of her past?

✫.•° Author bio °•.✫

Caroline Easton lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire, with her husband and two of her three children. The eldest having flown the nest. She first began writing in 2012, and her first novel, Dancing in the Rain, was published in 2013 before being revamped for rerelease in 2018. Other novels include contemporary romance and Rockstar romances.

Facts about Caroline
• I am a huge super hero fan, Thor is my favourite!
• I count in two’s in my head when I’m stressed.
• I order diet drinks when I eat junk food, to make myself feel less guilty.
• It took me 3 attempts to pass my driving test.
• I hate driving.
• I have no sense of direction, I get lost at the end of my street.
• My favourite film ever is Cool Runnings.

✫.•° Places To Find Caroline °•.✫

You can follow her on twitter, @carolinelou70, Facebook or check out her website, http://carolineeaston.wix.com/author to keep up with her ramblings and general life events.


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