The Facilitator by Tracie Podger

The Facilitator by Tracie Podger.

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Genre: Erotic Romance

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✫.•° Synopsis °•.✫

It started as a game.
Two adults, both lonely; one an expert, the other learning on the quick.
He thought he was giving her what she desired. She hated herself for loving it.
Lauren Perry thought her life was fine. She knew what she wanted and where she was going. That was until her husband left her.
Mackenzie Miller thought his life was fine. He knew what he wanted and he took, always. That was until he broke his own rules.
What would you do if someone gave you the opportunity to experience all of your fantasies?
Lauren Perry decided to find that out.
Contemporary romance for readers over the age of 18
Contains scenes of F/F, M/M/F & light BDSM

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The Facilitator, part 2 is scheduled for release 7th May in ebook, paperback, and audio. 
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✫.•° Meet the Author °•.✫

Tracie Podger currently lives in Kent, UK with her husband and a rather obnoxious cat called George. Shes a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor with a passion for writing. Tracie has been fortunate to have dived some of the wonderful oceans of the world where she can indulge in another hobby, underwater photography. She likes getting up close and personal with sharks.
Tracie likes to write in different genres. Her Fallen Angel series and its accompanying books are mafia romance and full of suspense. A Virtual Affair, Letters to Lincoln and Jackson are angsty, contemporary romance, and Gabriel, A Deadly Sin and Harlot are thriller/suspense. The Facilitator is erotic romance.

✫.•° Books by Tracie Podger °•.✫

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The Facilitator, part 2 is scheduled for release 7th May in ebook, paperback, and audio. Come on over to Tracie’s reader’s group to keep up to date on news –




Date Night by JF Holland

✫.•° Blurb °•.✫

Fourteen-years of marriage, two-children – and Dan and Lauren were now on the rocks.

Date Night, his mother-in-law suggested. Only problem was, Dan would have to wing it as he didn’t have a clue how to date his wife?

He wanted to ignite the spark back into their marriage, however, Lauren wasn’t as keen.

Lauren was devastated and confused by the sudden interest Dan was now showing her. Was he playing away from home? That would certainly account for the weird hours he kept ‘at work’.

Was Dan’s guilty conscience the reason he was now trying to get her into bed at every opportunity? Or was he just toying with her?

A new day was coming. Hopefully, Dan was ready for her?

Because, by the end of the week – her marriage would either be back on track or over and heading for the Divorce Courts.

Adult Contemporary Romance, with profanity and adult sex scenes.

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✫.•° My Review °•.✫

Up to this point, I’ve never attempted to read or listen to any of the books by this author. When the opportunity to listen to date night came up I thought why not.

I downloaded date night from, with the code given to me by JF Holland for nothing more than an honest review.

I’ve listened to this audiobook twice now, there are 2 reasons for this; firstly, because I listened to this at work and I was afraid I may have missed some parts, and secondly because I enjoyed it so much the first time.

Date Night is a story about reconnecting, not with old friends but with the love of your life, your wife, your best friend and your children.

Dan and Lauren have been best friends forever, they’ve been married for 14 years and have 2 children. Dan has been working longer and longer hours, whilst Lauren and the kids have been living their lives without him. Until one day Dan seems to realise that his wife and kids’ lives are passing him by. He resolves to change that fact. But he has no idea how.

Dan starts by taking some time off work before enlisting some help and advice from his mother in law.

We follow Dan and his journey to try and rekindle is marriage and his family life. It’s not going to be an easy task. As Dan begins do show attention to his family and wife, Lauren begins to get suspicious as to why Dan is suddenly behaving this way.

The characters in Date Night are realistic and lifelike, they are easy to relate to and their situation is something I know does or can happen in real life. I think that JF Holland has created a very realistic story, her characters behave in a way that is relevant to the situations they are faced with also they all seem to develop the more they endure and the further into this story we get.

I felt that the story was well thought out, it is easy to read/listen to and flows well. This book has just about every emotion I can think of in it, so be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster ride, one that you won’t want to get off!

I felt that Date Night is an enjoyable and thought-provoking read.

If you love contemporary romance with some steam thrown in then this is the book for you.

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